PMK opposes outsourcing of bus drivers

CHENNAI: Saying that the appointment of drivers and conductors on contract basis for MTC buses is similar to the bonded labour system, PMK founder S Ramadoss has urged the government to appoint the employees on a permanent basis.

In a statement, the senior leader said that even before the opposition against appointing 234 drivers and conductors on a contract basis, the government has announced to appoint 75 drivers on outsourcing. pmk oil

PMK opposes outsourcing of bus drivers

"Following the MTC and Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation - Villupuram, the government has decided to appoint workers on contract basis in all the transport corporations. This is dangerous," he said.

He added that the contract drivers and conductors will receive lower salary than the permanent employees.

The private manpower agency will take a portion of the salaries.

"Also, the contract employees will be denied pension and other rights. They will be turned into unorganized workers with daily wages. This takes the rights of the workers," he opined.

While refusing to accept the reason cited by the government, Ramadoss pointed out that the transport corporations are functioning without sufficient numbers of drivers and conductors.

"Private sectors would introduce new rules to exploit the employees. Government's responsibility is to prevent such exploitation. How fair is the government itself exploiting the workers?" he asked.

Recalling DMK's opposition against the outsourcing system when the party was in opposition, Ramadoss said that the government is trying to implement the outsourcing system.

PMK opposes outsourcing of bus drivers

Antiparasitic Tetramisole "As the number of government jobs have reduced in the state, people are depending on government sector jobs for reasonable pay. Exploitation should not be allowed. The government should not appoint outsourcing appointments for MTC and other transport corporations, and ensure direct appointment," he urged.