8 Best Cordless Lamps of 2024

Once you go cordless, you’ll never go back.

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8 Best Cordless Lamps of 2024

You’ve scoured the entire internet (including the black hole that is Facebook Marketplace) for the perfect couch, the right chairs, the cutest knick-knacks…but something is missing. When every piece of decor feels right but the room just isn’t rooming, may I suggest cleaning up the lighting sitch? Back away from the ugly extension cords and allow me to introduce you to some of the absolute best cordless lamps out there!

That’s right—do not (I repeat, do not) settle for any ol' lamp with a long power cord that you’ll have to shove behind a piece of furniture while hoping that the tangled, unsightly mess (yeesh) stays hidden. FYI, there are plenty of cordless, rechargeable options that give you the freedom to place light sources literally anywhere. Some even function as outdoor lights for camping or portable night lights for snagging a midnight treat from the freezer! Here’s a sneak peek at some of our favorite cordless lamps...

These bad boys will give off light for hours sans power cord, and many have multiple light settings and dimmers (!!) for ~setting the mood~, if you so choose. You’ll free up precious outlet space for other things (gone are the days of constantly unplugging your various chargers)—oh, and they’re really effing cute.

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If your interior design aesthetic is literally anything that would make for a really cool estate sale after you pass away (just me?), you’ll love this unique gooseneck lamp that looks like a pretty little flower. The base features a touch switch and a phone holder, and you’ll be able to bend the neck of the lamp to whatever angle you’d prefer whether it’s shining light onto your desk or softly illuminating your kitchen.

These actually might be the chicest lamps I’ve ever seen in my entire life, and I say that with my whole chest. The mushroom shape and gold tones will make your at-home bar or dining table feel like a moody, luxe restaurant with a $50 cancellation fee. Plus, they’ll look even more ~expensive~ because you won’t be dealing with any cords trailing around.

Found your perfect nightstand lamp, you’re welcome! This smaller lamp won’t take up too much space if you tend to store all your miscellaneous stuff on your bedside table like I do, and it also won’t use up a precious outlet that could be charging your phone/iPad/AirPods because tah-dah, it’s rechargeable! Reviewers say that it’s pretty bright for a bedside lamp and is great for reading in bed (ideal).

I’ll be honest—large, cordless floor lamps are few and far between. But if you have a room with zero outlets and desperately need some sort of light source that’s bigger than a candle or a table lamp, I found you a solution! This cordless floor lamp from LGMCF has a minimalist design that will look good in any room, even in corners where there’s no power source. Plus it’s adjustable, so it can be anywhere from 14.96 to 50.39 inches tall!

An Amazon reviewer purchased these lights after seeing them on a restaurant table and realizing that they were the perfect “dim [enough] for atmosphere, bright enough to read menus” lamp. Sounds like a vibe for a dinner party or date night at home, right? This tabletop lamp is rechargeable and can be yours for just $29.99!!! Sweet!!

If you’re gonna bite the bullet and purchase a really gorgeous decor piece for your place, make sure it’s one that’s functional, too. This portable lamp looks like a modern sculpture thanks to the polished, metallic exterior, and it offers 9 hours of soft, diffuse lighting per charge.

Relaxing in bed, getting super sleepy, and then having to drag yourself out of said bed to turn off the lights is actually the worst feeling…ever? The Casper Glow Light fixes that problem—it sits on your nightstand, gives off warm light (with little to no blue light that keeps you awake!) as you read and unwind, and then gradually dims to help you fall asleep. It also functions as a sunrise alarm, and you can sync up multiple lights to dim or brighten all at once!

Is this lamp going to create a sultry ambiance in your bedroom? No. But will it illuminate your workspace into the wee hours of the morning because it’s shockingly bright for its size and $20 price tag? Absolutely yes. This overhead lamp has five brightness and lighting modes, so you can adjust it to your liking.

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8 Best Cordless Lamps of 2024

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