EnerSys Adds to its NexSys iON Battery Offering with Launch of 80 Volt Model | Lift and Access

EnerSys the global leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications, has expanded its line of virtually maintenance-free, high-performance NexSys iON Lithium-ion batteries with the addition of its 80 Volt model.

Engineered for fast recharge, long run times and to deliver high energy capacity in a smaller footprint, the latest NexSys iON battery model provides customers with a premium power solution catered to meet the energy demands of a variety of heavy-duty applications, including those converting from LP- and diesel-fueled equipment to fulfill sustainability requirements. Lithium Trolling Motor Battery 36v

EnerSys Adds to its NexSys iON Battery Offering with Launch of 80 Volt Model | Lift and Access

“We strive to provide our customers with solutions that are tailored to their unique operational demands,” said Harold Vanasse, senior director of marketing, motive power global at EnerSys.

“Sometimes that can include a large warehouse that’s operating on a 24/7 basis and requires the utilization of a variety of heavy-duty equipment to keep up with their business schedule. It’s important that we can offer these operators a complete range of power options that provide high productivity and lower Total Cost of Ownership. We are excited to be able to support our customers with the addition of our NexSys iON 80V battery.”

Other notable design features of the NexSys iON 80V battery include:

EnerSys NexSys iON batteries are available in multiple voltages, including 24V, 36V, 48V and now 80V. Additionally, fast- and opportunity-charging NexSys® iON batteries with high output NexSys+ chargers provide added user convenience and enhanced fleet efficiency.

Utilizing a proprietary EnSitemodeling software, EnerSys can work directly with the customer to right-size a NexSys® iON battery and NexSys+ charger to their vehicle fleet, helping to eliminate the unwanted downtime and unnecessary stress associated with premature battery failure from improper installation, equipment fitting or charging practices.

For more information about EnerSys and its full line of products, systems, and support, visit or contact your local EnerSys representative.

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EnerSys Adds to its NexSys iON Battery Offering with Launch of 80 Volt Model | Lift and Access

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