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There are many ways to store your Pokemon cards, including in trading card binders, albums, and books, as well as in sleeves, top loaders, and slabs. Here, you can find the best Pokemon binders for sleeved and slabbed TCG cards, as well as where to buy TCG binders, albums, folios, and, books. Pokemon cards have gradually increased in value and popularity since their inception in 1996. Since then, some collectors have made a small fortune reselling their old cards, but only when kept in good condition. This is why you need a good storage solution, such as a Pokemon TCG album or Pokemon binder for your cards. Perfume Box Packaging

Best Pokemon binders for cards: Where to buy TCG binders, albums, and books - Dexerto

Binders and storage boxes are two of the most popular ways to store cards. Whilst both have benefits, binders are unbeaten when it comes to being able to view and show off your Pokemon card collection, to visually sort through your cards, and to build, change, and store your decks.

Find out where to buy the best Pokemon binders, including how much they cost, the amount of cards they hold, the construction, and, their pros and cons below.

The Ultra Pro Premiere Playset PRO-Binder Black Pokemon Album has side loading and stores 480 cards. This is the best overall binder, as it is great for personal collections, deck building, display, comfort, and storage. It holds 480 double-sleeved cards and includes inner pockets for Pokemon TCG tools like dice and other accessories. It also doesn’t suffer from spine bulge which can affect cheaper ringless binders.

This Vault X Premium Exo-Tec® Zip Binder has 4 Pockets a page and 160 side-loading pockets. The binder comes in 6 different colors and is great for archival, deck building, transporting, and, trading.

The Elite Series: embossed leatherette Pikachu PRO-Binder is zip-enclosed and has 9 side loading slots, that hold 480 cards total. It is officially licensed by the Pokemon company.

Vault X Premium Exo-Tec Zip Binder has 9 side loading pockets for your Pokemon trading cards, that hold a total of 360 cards. In terms of transport and storage, it’s a good compromise with decent materials, and portability at 35 x 26 cm.

The Ultimate Guard Zipfolio 480 – 24 Pocket XenoSkin (Quadrow) Black is durable as it’s made using great materials. It’s a good size for storage and transport and features zipping sides and side loads of double-sleeved cards.

The Black Dragon Shield Codex has 24 side-loading pockets and holds a total of 576 cards. It is made with very high-quality materials and would look beautiful on any table. It is perfect for the collector who wants to display a lot of cards with high visibility. It doesn’t suffer from spine bulge, unlike less costly binders.

The TopDeck 200 TopLoader Binder is a 9-pocket card binder/album perfect for those who love their cards, as it is built for cards in top loaders. This creates extra protection from shock and reduces the risk of damage to your cards.

This display case album by FunGuys holds 60 graded cards in standard-sized slabs, ie. from PSA, Beckett, and CGC. It’s a well-priced and well-made professional album for displaying high-value cards.

This Gem Loader Premium Graded Card Binder is on another level of quality altogether. Not only does it have highly aesthetic high-quality materials and a zipper, but it also has super safe and unique ‘click-in’ pages for your graded cards in slabs. Gem Loaders are based in and manufactured in the Netherlands and offer excellent customer service.

It’s important overall not to skimp on binders if you’re serious about collecting because as with anything, you get what you pay for.

We recommend ringless binders with zips, but the Dragon Codex binder uses elastic. As the materials are of high quality, your cards won’t be compressed, especially if you double-sleeve them. 

The same goes for the Ultra Pro Premiere, which lacks zips but has excellent materials, a great spine, and overall a fantastic multi-purpose binder. 

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When it comes to Toploader binders we highly recommend the Pokemon card album by Top Deck. Even better is the Gem Loader which is the best for graded Pokemon TCG cards in standard-sized slabs. They are known to make high-quality binders, with unique and shock-resistant click-in sheets.

Here are some important things to remember when storing your cards:

Finally, gently slot your cards into the binder from the side, and never store two cards in one slot.

Pokemon cards can be organized in many different ways and you could spend hours doing it.  To save time, many collectors do the following:

Pokemon TCG Binder Do’s and Don’ts:

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Best Pokemon binders for cards: Where to buy TCG binders, albums, and books - Dexerto

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