Caterpillar D10 Crawler Dozer | Construction Equipment

The D10 Caterpillar dozer pairs a 600-horsepower C27 diesel engine with a stator clutch torque divider. Operating weight is 154,700 pounds, oil change intervals have been extended, and fuel lines have been integrated to enhance reliability.

Performance improvements include a 4-percent reduction in fuel consumption and 3-percent improvement in productivity compared to the Cat D10T2, according to Caterpillar. Hitachi Bucket Tooth

Caterpillar D10 Crawler Dozer | Construction Equipment

The new torque converter design with stator clutch automatically frees up the stator when torque multiplication is not required, improving drivetrain efficiency for reduced fuel consumption. During high-load and retarding conditions, the stator clutch locks without the need for operator input. Load-sensing hydraulics deliver more power to the ground for increased responsiveness and added fuel efficiency. 

The crawler dozer has high-horsepower reverse, which offers up to 20 percent more power in reverse gears. Load-sensing hydraulics provide oil flow only on command, reducing parasitic draw to increase available power to the ground. Paired with a single-plane cooling system, these improvements increase operating efficiencies by up to 6 percent, according to the company.

The cab has a 10-inch touch screen display offering intuitive machine operation, upgraded seat offerings, available 360-degree vision, and improved visibility.

The dozer is also capable of integrating MineStar technologies. MineStar Terrain with Automatic Blade Control integrates full automatics, blade load, and overcut protection into the control system to minimizes overcut, overfill, and rehandling to lower costs.

Remote Flash ensures the machine operates with the most current version of on-board software via remote updates to the software at a time convenient to the mining operation. Remote Troubleshoot allows the dealer to remotely run diagnostics on the dozer while the machine is in operation.

Caterpillar D10 Crawler Dozer | Construction Equipment

Doosan Bucket Tooth Service and maintenance updates include new replaceable push-arm trunnion bearing inserts. The reengineered engine compartment integrates a single-plane cooling system that is up to 30 percent more resistant to plugging and improves heat dissipation to extend component life. Its new easy-access radiator door facilitates cleaning. With 50 percent more capacity, the new oil pan improves average oil quality and extends change intervals by up to an additional 250 hours.