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Amber Wave's gluten extraction process is made up of a combination of Flottweg’s process, as well as some U.S. manufactured components. // Photo: Amber Wave

The January issue of Ethanol Producer Magazine addresses the importance of export markets to the U.S. ethanol industry. The issue also provides an update on Clear Flame Engine Technologies and discussion of plant hygiene solutions. Potato Starch Centrifuge Sieve Machine

Building for Food and Fuel | Ethanol Producer Magazine

By U.S. Grains Council

The U.S. Grains Council and the USDA hosted a conference in Japan on Nov. 30f focused on the use of ethanol in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The event attracted more than 90 key Japanese officials, researchers, and industry leaders.

LanzaTech Global Inc. and Tadweer (Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company) have joined forces to initiate an integrated waste-to-sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) feasibility study to scale SAF production from municipal and commercial solid waste.

Europe needs a new way to think about biofuels and its contribution to transport de-fossilization—as well as the strategic importance of ethanol production. As the EU enters a new political cycle, there is some cause for optimism.

U.S. fuel ethanol production was down slightly the week ending Dec. 8, according to data released by the U.S. Energy Information Administration on Dec. 13. Stocks of fuel ethanol were up 3 percent and exports were up 65 percent.


Capturing and storing carbon dioxide in underground wells has the potential to become the most consequential technological deployment in the history of the broader biofuels industry. Deploying effective carbon capture and storage at biofuels plants will cement ethanol and biodiesel as the lowest carbon liquid fuels commercially available in the marketplace. The Carbon Capture & Storage Summit will offer attendees a comprehensive look at the economics of carbon capture and storage, the infrastructure required to make it possible and the financial and marketplace impacts to participating producers.View More


The Biodiesel Summit: Sustainable Aviation Fuel & Renewable Diesel is a forum designed for biodiesel and renewable diesel producers to learn about cutting-edge process technologies, new techniques and equipment to optimize existing production, and efficiencies to save money while increasing throughput and fuel quality. View More


The North American SAF Conference & Expo, produced by SAF Magazine, in collaboration with the Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI) will showcase the latest strategies for aviation fuel decarbonization, solutions for key industry challenges, and highlight the current opportunities for airlines, corporations and fuel producers. The North American SAF Conference & Expo is designed to promote the development and adoption of practical solutions to produce SAF and decarbonize the aviation sector. Exhibitors will connect with attendees and showcase the latest technologies and services currently offered within the industry. During two days of live sessions, attendees will learn from industry experts and gain knowledge to become better informed to guide business decisions as the SAF industry continues to expand.View More

Building for Food and Fuel | Ethanol Producer Magazine

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