40 Best Champagne Cocktail Recipes - Easy Sparkling Wine Drinks

Champagne is ALWAYS a good idea.

If you're trying to kick off any variety of celebration, nothing says "party time!" quite like a glass of bubbly, sparkling wine like Champagne. And we're not just talking about those big get-togethers like New Year's Eve, Christmas, or Easter, either. As far as we're concerned, the clever (and easy!) champagne cocktails are perfect for any day, any occasion. Sure, drinking Champagne (or Cava and Prosecco) on its own is nice, but these fun Champagne cocktails (and Jell-O shots!) add an instantly festive air to any get together, and go way beyond just mimosas. Check out our 40 recipes for all kinds of bubbly inspiration, and get ready to pop some bottles! Miniature Whiskey Bottles

40 Best Champagne Cocktail Recipes - Easy Sparkling Wine Drinks

And don’t worry—we know Champagne can get a little pricey, so feel free to stock up on and use whatever sparkling wine you prefer. Just try and be mindful of whether they’re dry or sweet, and adjust any added sweeteners (like simple syrup) accordingly. Don't be surprised if you find yourself being Team Prosecco once you have a round of these Prosecco mint juleps!

When it comes to Champagne cocktails, we can't deny how much we love a mimosa. The best part about them? Once you know the ratio (it’s 4 parts sparkling wine to 1 part orange juice), you can get extra creative. Not a fan of OJ? Swap in lemonade, pomegranate juice, maraschino cherry juice… the possibilities are endless. Not downing bottomless mimosas for brunch? Then you can afford a cocktail that’s got a little more booze in it, like our peach bellinis (with added vanilla vodka) or piña colada mimosas (with added coconut rum).

Making drinks for a crowd? Nothing better than combining a whole bottle (or two or three) of bubbly with some juice or fizzy soda to really wow your guests. Try our brunch punch (with pineapple and orange juice) or our peach Prosecco punch (with a little seltzer added so it’s not so boozy).

For more drink inspiration, check out all our best cocktail recipes as well as all our favorite coupe glasses that'll really fancy up your Champagne!

The French 75 is among the fanciest of cocktails. Sure, there’s the tried-and-true margarita and the timeless Old Fashioned, but the French 75 has got what those two don’t: Champagne!

Cranberry adds a festive, colorful twist to your favorite cocktail, the Aperol spritz. Still bubbly and refreshing, it will make you feel like you're sipping the drink in the Mediterranean during the wintertime. It’s a fun drink to make for friends at your holiday brunch to get everyone in the festive mood.

Get the Cranberry-Aperol Spritz recipe.

Nothing kicks off brunch quite like a mimosa! If you prefer your cocktails on the sweeter side, bump up the orange juice to 3 ounces per glass, or go for a sweeter bottle of bubbly. To play up the orange flavor, try adding a dash of orange liqueur, such as Grand Marnier or Cointreau, or a few dashes of orange bitters.

Get the Classic Mimosa recipe.

This Christmas punch forgoes all the added sugar and instead derives its natural sweetness from apple cider. Add some spice from ginger beer and tartness from unsweetened cranberry juice, and you have a sophisticated, festive punch for your next Christmas party.

Get the Christmas Punch recipe.

Easy breezy and ready for fall, this apple cider spritz offers a twist on a recent summer classic, the Aperol spritz. Waltzing right into the next season with spiced cider and a kiss of pumpkin spice, Aperol’s orange-herbal aspects bring out the best in the cider flavors.

Get the Apple Cider Spritz recipe.

Packed with all our favorite winter fruits, this is the only thing you need in your hand while you open presents. Great for a late-night Christmas Eve party or early Christmas morning.

Even in the dead of winter we still like to pretend we are on a beach sipping on piña colada. Since we can't actually do that most of time, this winterized version does the trick. With Prosecco, pineapple, and coconut milk, it's a cocktail that's festive and tropical all at the same time!

Get the North Pole-adas recipe.

As the weather gets colder and start looking toward more comforting, autumnal flavors, there is something weird about drinking a bright, citrusy cocktail on a gray morning in November. Enter these apple cider mimosas.

Get the Apple Cider Mimosas recipe.

The Aperol Spritz, also known as the Spritz Veneziano, is an Italian classic that has an iconic bittersweetness reminiscent of burnt orange and tart rhubarb. When paired with Prosecco and a bit of soda water, it makes an amazing cocktail to drink in the warmer months.

Get the Aperol Spritz recipe.

Your team scored and this punch is the best way to celebrate. It's the bubbly victory we all are hoping for when we show up to the watch party. It pairs perfectly with all of our amazing Super Bowl appetizers!

Get the Touchdown Punch recipe.

While the classic combo of 4 parts Champagne and 1 part fresh orange juice can certainly hold its own, this recipe adds a fun holiday twist by swapping the orange juice with fresh cranberries, cranberry juice, rosemary, and a hint of lime.

Get the Cranberry Mimosas recipe.

If you can get your hands on some super-ripe peaches, taste your puree before adding honey—it might be sweet enough already! If not, adding some orange zest will help coax out the sweetness even more.

Get the Vanilla-Peach Bellinis recipe.

This crowd-pleasing punch is truly a Christmas miracle. It serves a large crowd, doesn’t shy away from the booze (read: three bottles of wine AND vodka), and looks stunning presented at any holiday party.

Get the Jingle Juice recipe.

Looking to serve a crowd? This vanilla peach punch is perfect! Plus it's got a little seltzer in it, so it's not SO boozy.

Get the Prosecco Punch recipe.

Sure, mimosas are great. But when you're hosting brunch for a big group, brunch punch is where it's at. With a full bottle of bubbly and plenty of vodka, it's just the thing to get the party going.

Get the Brunch Punch recipe.

This festive sparkling drink is perfect for a low-key holiday cocktail hour. A sort of lightened-up mint julep, the addition of a dry sparkling wine provides a pleasant brightness and effervescence that plays well with the rich, caramelized tones of bourbon whiskey.

Get the Prosecco Mint Julep recipe.

Cider and ginger beer might seem like a weird pairing, but with fresh fruit and cinnamon (plus bubbly!), we promise you, it works. You'll want to make it for every fall party and tailgate.

Get the Harvest Punch recipe.

The blueberry simple syrup in these is DELICIOUS. You're going to want to use it to sweeten all your cocktails (and iced teas maybe?).

The ultimate summer brunch drink—use regular or PINK lemonade to make these extra special.

Get the Lemonade Mimosas recipe.

Mimosa margaritas are the best of both worlds—orange juice and Champagne spiked with tequila and some juice for extra zest!

Get the Mimosa Margaritas recipe.

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